JD Espinoza

Juan Diego Espinoza, better known as JD, has kept a strong connection with his culture since migrating to the U.S as an infant. His resilience and passion for art have only gotten stronger after unfortunate events such as losing his, mother to Cancer in 2008. Inspired by realism, JD seeks to capture emotions through black and gray realism with a focus on large, detailed works of art. He considers the connection between mind, body and soul an essential step in the process of tattooing.  


My personal love for animals grants the opportunity to tattoo with ease and excitement. I am able to acknowledge the connections people hold with their pets or animals in general. Animals have a strong meaning and representation to them making the process of tattooing them enjoyable and pleasant.

Creating and drawing still life have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. In fact, it is what allowed me to have an effortless transition to tattooing. I love tattooing; specifically being able to know my clients through the process of tattooing. This includes examining the area where the tattoo will go, the stories behind the tattoos and the knowledge that comes with this process. It is important to me that anything I do is done exceptionally well and because of that every tattoo I create is as  detailed as possible. There are no words to describe the feelings tattooing brings me, it is priceless.

Statues by the great Donatello and Michaelangelo were astounding pieces of art that were influential in my career as an artist. These sculptures came from the early renaissance time where artists pioneered and developed realism and traditional composition. Although created centuries ago, these sculptures are ageless and recreating them in tattoos is something I deeply appreciate.

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