With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, Rita Studios seeks to create an environment of elevated experiences and art alike. Rita Studios believes in the transformative power of art where we are committed to quality, leadership and excellence in the service we provide. Each artist at Rita studios brings a level of expertise and experience that believes in not only creating exceptional pieces but also in cultivating relationships with clients. We measure our success not only by the end product but also by how we get there.


As artists and professionals we strive to create the best piece of art for our clients by utilizing our experience, vision and skills. At Rita Studios we strive to find the best design for our clients and incorporate our knowledge in each piece we create. This means conducting research, analyzing the project and a discussion with our clients, it is our goal to be as prepared as possible before starting each tattoo.


To create a lasting and memorable impact on not only the skin we tattoo but on the Phoenix tattoo community, surrounding communities and the world.


We believe quality to be our main end result in every piece we create. Additionally, we believe in a collaborative process that allows us to create together with our clients from start to finish. It is essential for us to listen and assist our clients in creating the best pieces while building and cultivating a relationship.