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Andrick Aviles

As the founder of Rita Studios, Andrick Aviles seeks to connect his passion for art and design along with his tattoo artistry. His upbringing in a creative home have attributed to his continuing passion to create and inspire his community. Born in Mexico City and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Andrick believes his multicultural background have abetted to his style of work and overall eye for design. His style of tattooing revolves around black and grey realism and portraiture where he finds a deep connection with his subject. Andrick is dedicated in creating awareness of tattoo culture in the arts, he believes tattooing is a different type of art that should be acknowledged widely. In his endeavors to spread awareness he has traveled to tattoo in different countries. Andrick is a visionary who aspires to not only help his community but inspire others around the world to continue creating; Rita Studios was established to do just that.


Tattooing portraits is a passion of mine and although it has its challenges such as precision and the requirement of being detail oriented, it is those same challenges that motivate me to do it. The challenge of bringing the portrait to life is what brings me satisfaction. These tattoos allow me to feel like I am helping people cope with a loss, such as when I tattoo a memorial pieces of a family member or loved one. Gratitude is how I would describe the feeling I get when I see the reactions of my clients after they see their before and after pieces. It makes it all worth it for me.

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Artists such as Nipsey Hustle made a huge impact on people, so much so that many of those people got his portrait tattooed. In my opinion, it speaks volumes when people do that because of the impact that person must have had on them. It’s a wonderful thing to see and to tattoo.

When I capture people on film is completely different than when I capture them in a tattoo. Tattooing makes me pay attention to the unique traits and details that makes an individual incomparable. It forces me to focus on the minute things that I would otherwise oversee in any other medium, this helps me create a realistic piece. It is a passion of mine and I love it.

Tattooing is fascinating to me for many reasons, mainly because the skin becomes a blank canvass. It is an opportunity to create on someone else’s body, leaving them with wearable permanent art where the body becomes a gallery that tells visual stories.

Attention to detail are crucial to tattooing and creating in general. Personally I like to make sure I spend as much time as possible with each project to produce the finest pieces. In order to achieve that, it is important to me that I do not rush the process and that I become familiar with my clients and their chosen images.

Photorealism has captivated me in a way where I aspire to tattoo realistic images on my clients. I have taken it as a personal mission to complete immaculate images that will evoke joyous emotions on the subjects as well as allow them to have a physical memory on their body.

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